Season 6 Mock #3


It has only been roughly 48 hours since my second mock draft, but it has felt like a lifetime as the entire landscape has changed. With so many picks traded, what might things look like now? Here is my analysis.

#1 - Detroit Tigers

1B/RF Dick Sledge

I have reason to believe considering the atmosphere around this pick as of late (don't ask me what that means) that the Tigers have a clear target, and are unwilling to relinquish this pick because they are so set on this target. I can no longer see Northstar as the player for this pick. I will instead go for who is likely the most active new person in the draft, whose speech gimmick mimics that of another Tiger. I think the plan will be for both these players to end up on the same team, and considering how valuable Sledge may be to various teams, I think the Tigers are safeguarding this pick hard to ensure they get the first baseman.

#2 - Philadelphia Phillies

C/3B - Noah Clemens

I will preface this by saying I do not know the plans of my GMs for this pick. I asked them to keep me in the dark for the sake of the mock, so this is entirely my own predictions and ideas for their pick. I think they will choose Noah Clemens; a catcher that fills one of the team's most shallow position. I have been sure the Mariners would pick this player #4, which would validate Bae's feelings that he needed to trade for #2, and Clemens seems to be a Phillies fan, which would make this beneficial and exciting for both parties. Considering Bae's insistence that he won't field more than 5 pitchers after the signing of Jayson Burdwell (uwu~), this seems like the best option for the club, and I am pretty confident I have figured my GMs out.

#3 - San Francisco Giants

P - Obama But White

With things falling into place that I didn't believe were possible for the Giants before, it looks like they will be favorites to land Obama But White, a player I am pretty sure is highly coveted by Sarah. OBW has become a household name in the draft, and in other circumstances would likely be as decisive a first-overall as Sarah herself. But I think it is looking good that the young pitcher will fall #3. 

#4 - Chicago White Sox

P - Richard Northstar

I have strong reason to believe that the White Sox are coveting a pitcher, and are looking for one of the higher-end pitchers; that's why they felt the need to trade up even further to 1.4. That would likely make their target either Richard Northstar or Nori Aru, and since I've consistently ranked Northstar higher, and because I think the match feels right, I will go with this for now.

#5 - Chicago White Sox again

P - Nori Aru

Fuck it, why not both? With only two pitchers on the roster so far, the White Sox could benefit from roping in both with their back-to-back picks if they're having a little choice anxiety.

#6 - Tampa Bay Rays

P Kuuma Kivi

I don't know why I didn't sim a pitcher to the Rays before. With only two on their roster and a load of position players, this looks like the way to go. There are a few young talents to pick from here, but I will use this to advocate for Kuuma Kivi, who I think has sprung up as of late to be a very interesting draft pick.

#7 - Seattle Mariners

P - Mazy Loron

With Noah Clemens lost in 1.2, which I was confident was the Mariners' biggest target, Seattle will be looking for a new player, and with two quick picks, maybe they will leave the catcher on the backburner to focus on someone who will help them just as much while being coveted by a team such as the Giants. I will turn to pitchers for this; specifically Mazy Loron, whose repeated mentioning recently has made me think he is gaining popularity in the GM chat. The Mariners would be getting one of the MLN founders and a former commissioner in this pick, making it a high-reward acquisition.

#8 - San Francisco Giants

RF/CF - Roidy Magoo

I want to start this off by saying that I expect the Giants to covet Mazy Loron with this pick, as they are a Giants fan irl and it seems like something they would rejoin the league to attempt. Even if they lose out on the pitcher, however, the Giants are really looking to perhaps win both free agency and the draft if this mock goes as I am predicting it here. Magoo is a player who is valuable both in their position and Discord activity; them and Sledge are perhaps the only RFs valuable enough to make the top 20 picks of the draft so far, and Magoo has exploded in activity to rival those at the very top of the table. San Francisco's RF and CF depth are shallow enough to definitely give this pick a snag if it is presented to them. They could very well just go for another pitcher, however. 

#9 - Seattle Mariners

C/1B - Guthac son of Romund 

Here is where I see the Mariners taking one of two higher profile catchers: Smoke Anderson or Guthac son of Romund, both of whom I see as practically identical in value. Because Guthac has a cooler name, I will lean towards them for the time being, but I think it could go either way.

#10 - Los Angeles Angels

SS/2B - MELTZ Slander

I don't think the Angels are as strapped for pitching as I may have previously thought. They may go for a first baseman or a shortstop here; that's where MELTZ Slander comes to mind, who has evaded my attention for some time as the Streetlamp LeMoose of S6. The activity is undoubtedly there, which should be enough to catch the attention of the Angels. Perry Platypus or Cybeast Falzar would be good picks here as well.

#11 - Toronto Blue Jays

C/1B Smoke Anderson

With Guthac taken, I believe Toronto will HAVE to go for the identically-valued catcher and choose Smoke Anderson, who I don't think they will be displeased with. I don't see Toronto going for someone who isn't a catcher with this pick, unless Mylo REALLY has that position by the balls.

#12 - Milwaukee Brewers

3B/2B - Tencer Sporkelson

I haven't really changed my opinion on this pick yet. This looks like a good pick for the Brewers, who will likely be looking for a third baseman.

#13 - Cleveland Guardians

LF/3B - Anthony Bilanti

There are some very good shortstops remaining, but the Guardians are well-equipped there. Bilanti is still considered a very top prospect, and the Guardians could still use a player there, and would do well to get such quality at #13.

#14 - Chicago Cubs

P - Hunter Scott CCCXXVII 

I hold steadfast that the Cubs will be looking for pitching here. They could go with Mark Spoon here, who I have had sink quite far, but if they want an active veteran, Dukemarriot is looking like a better option than someone like Reimer Gonzalez, LaCarpetron Dukemarriot or Arm N. Hammer. There are a lot of interesting pitching options at this level in the draft, so the Cubs are up in the air here.

#15 - Cincinnati Reds

SS/3B Perry Platypus

Circumstances have catapulted Platypus from #15 to #6 here, and I think the Reds could use him as well as just about anyone, because they have depth in each and every position. Platypus offers a top-tier option in both hitting and scouting, so I would really like this if I were the Reds.

#16 - Chicago Cubs

CF/LF - Large Attractive

The Cubs can't really field a team right now, so the next step will probably be to fix that. I still like Large Attractive for them here in terms of player quality and offered depth, so there's no reason to change that.

#17 - Miami Marlins

SS/3B - Cybeast Falzar

With the re-signing of Artanis Jones, the Marlins don't have as many needs in pitching as they once did. They don't really have a strong need anywhere, to be honest. There is a big chance they could still go for a pitcher, but I will use this to highlight instead what I believe to be an underrated player who could still fit into Miami's plans: Cybeast Falzar. Falzar brings admirable activity to the college baseball scene, and... um... has an XBH and run scored, which is kinda cool.

#18 - New York Yankees

P Mark Spoon

The Yankees are in an identical situation to the Miami Marlins. My previous pick for them, Theo Rodder, has kind of tanked in activity as of late, so I will look towards a pitcher who has fallen pretty far: Mark Spoon. Spoon doesn't pack a whole lot of activity as well, but the stats are hard to ignore at this level in the draft. 

#19 - Minnesota Twins

P - LaCarpetron Dukemarriot

I'm still liking the idea of the Twins picking a pitcher here, but I will go for Dukemarriot here this time, as the activity is definitely worth looking into the player. There's plenty of options for the Twins here, however, as pitchers have kind of tanked in this mock.

#20 - San Diego Padres

P - Mecha Godzilla

At an emphatic "Who!?" that I received from the Padres for my last mock, I will take another swing at this pick. They will still definitely go for a pitcher, and since they are perhaps looking for a name they are likely to know, I will toss out another veteran: Mecha Godzilla. The stats look pretty good, and while I don't think that will get him as far as others may think, I don't believe he will fall too much farther than this pick.

The remaining first round picks will be listed without comments, because holy fuck this is long.

#21 - New York Mets

P - Herb Sessions

#22 - Arizona Diamondbacks

P - Reimer Gonzalez

#23 - Colorado Rockies

CF/LF - Randy Scrub

#24 - Boston Red Sox

2B/SS - Papa Coswi

#25 - Houston Colt .45s

1B/3B - Theo Rodder

#26 - Pittsburgh Pirates

P - Arm N. Hammer

#27 - Kansas City Royals

3B/2B - Edge Rocks

#28 - Philadelphia Phillies

3B/SS - Buck Maverick

#29 - Tampa Bay Rays

P - Bob Dobby

#30 - San Diego Padres

P - Dirk Digglet

#31 - Miami Marlins

P - Bames Nond

#32 - New York Yankees

C/3B - Terry Gaskins

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