Season 6 Mock Draft #1


So is tradition.

Hello, welcome to my seasonal mock draft, something I have done for every season except the fourth one because that one was dumb. Every draft season I try to release a handful of these that get better each time I redo them, in hopes of helping draftees boost their excitement for the draft, to encourage them to get themselves out there, and also to give GMs something to perhaps help them decide who to pick. 

I'm still getting to know every draftee, and this is my first one, so therefore this may be inaccurate, but you have to jump off from somewhere, and maybe it will still be good. I have made a point not to look into anyone else's mock draft while writing this, because I don't want to just throw up whatever they wrote, and outside influence makes it hard not to.

This will be the first 12 picks. I'll probably expand it in the future, but for now this is adequate in this initial period of uncertainty.

So anyway, without further ado, here is your first Jayy Season 6 Mock Draft.

#1 - Detroit Tigers

P - Richard Northstar

In three of the league's five drafts, including the last two, a pitcher has been chosen. Unless you're staring at a surefire Hall-of-Famer like Daniel Dove, it looks like pitcher tends to be the top choice among first round pickers. The Tigers rotation has struggled heavily along with the rest of the team in Season 5, so I could see them looking for an arm to stabilize their pitching. 

Richard Northstar is a longstanding figure in the game who contended for the Pitcher of the Year award in Season 4, with a 1.90 ERA in 34.1 innings pitched. They have pitched 4 clean innings thus far in college baseball. They have a Discord presence. If the Tigers want a talent with their first pick, Northstar seems like the safe pick to me. 

#2 - Chicago White Sox

P - Nori Aru

The White Sox are pretty devoid of pitching; with only two just okay arms, they may want someone who is active and decent at throwing. Nori Aru is active, and while they did not pitch last season, their career pitching stats from Seasons 3 and 4 are admirable. They are also pretty well liked, making this an admirable pick for Chicago.

#3 - San Francisco Giants

P - Obama But White

The Giants will need to replace the arms they lost this season, including Bud Tuggli and the Hall of Fame ex-GM himself Darth Vader. They will want someone who is active and decent at throwing, and Obama But White looks to be the top hurler of the newbies in this draft class. With 5 innings pitched in college, they have given up 1 run, striking out 7; not bad for someone new to the league.

#4 - Seattle Mariners

C/3B - Noah Clemens

Clemens is a new member of the community and one of the top catching prospects in the league. The Mariners are in desperate need of a catcher, and though his .500 college baseball AVG is a teeny tiny sample size, his 652 college baseball Discord messages are not. I think Clemens could be the real deal, and while it may not seem like it now, the Mariners may be getting a steal for him at #4.

#5 - Los Angeles Dodgers

LF/3B - Anthony Bilanti

Anthony BIlanti has a .500 AVG and one home run in his short college baseball career, and shows to perhaps be active enough to entice the former Paper Cup winning Dodgers. The Dodgers are currently in need of both 3Bs and LFs, and Bilanti happens to fit both! This looks to be a good pick for Los Angeles.

#6 - Tampa Bay Rays

SS/3B - Perry Platypus

Platypus is perhaps the most electric hitting prospect thus far in college baseball, with decent activity stats to pair. Tampa Bay looks to be well-rounded in terms of depth, but shortstop could perhaps be considered the most shallow of them all. With Platypus, Tampa Bay could be looking at someone who checks every box.

#7 - Atlanta Braves

P - Mark Spoon

The Braves are likely to look for a pitcher here, as many will do. Spoon is probably the next most interesting newbie, with 4 innings pitched without an earned run in college baseball.

#8 - San Francisco Giants

P - Arm N. Hammer

The Giants could go anywhere with this one, and considering how quickly pitchers are being sucked up in this mock, I will hand them Arm N. Hammer. He is a veteran with a pretty good start to college baseball. Given I mocked Obama But White to the Giants with #3, I think a veteran presence would be a good turn for San Francisco at #8 to counteract.

#9 - Philadelphia Phillies

P - Reimer Gonzalez

There will never be a time in the Jeff Dingerhitter / Carl Baby Junior administration where a pitcher is not drafted. I have accepted that, I will run with that. Reimer Gonzalez looks to be the best pitcher left on the board, being a longtime member of the league with an okay start to college baseball.

#10 - Los Angeles Angels

P - Dirk Digglet

The Angels have decent positional depth, so I figure they may want to look into pitchers for this pick. A lot have been taken in my mock so far, but some top talents still remain. Digglet is a former Cardinal with a decent start to his college baseball career, which may make him first round material easily. 

#11 - Toronto Blue Jays

C/3B - Guthlac son of Romund

Mylo Grams is getting up there. He will probably hit triple digits in age sooner or later. The Blue Jays, a team with lots of depth, could perhaps find some more in catcher. Guthlac son of Romund is one of the top catching prospects, and has a name that is fit for the north. I think this would be a solid #10 choice.

#12 - Milwaukee Brewers

3B/2B - Tencer Sporkelson

Milwaukee was on the cusp of fielding a team over .500 for the first time in their history last season. They will look to continue building a competent roster, and their next piece looks like it should be a third baseman. The most intriguing one remaining in this mock, in my opinion, is Tencer Sporkelson. He is a Discord user with Nitro and over 300 messages in the college baseball server. The hits haven't come yet in college baseball, but stats might be second to a Brewers club that may be looking for more clubhouse figures. 

#13 - Cleveland I-erm... Guardians

CF/LF - Randy Scrub

The former Rangers-now-Indians-now-Guardians, not to be confused with the new Texas Rangers who were once the Angels or the old Cleveland Indians who are now the Cincinnati Reds (seriously what is wrong with this fucking league), are helmed by perhaps the greatest pitcher of all time, Superbone Threefinger, who is known for commanding his own mound. Therefore, I don't think a pitcher is on the radar for this pick. An outfielder looks on the horizon for this club, and outside of Bilanti, Scrub seems like the best pick between on-field talent and off-field presence. 

Let me know what you think, and stay tuned for future installments!

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