Season 6 Mock Draft #2


A whole 24 hours have passed probably, and I am hopped up on over-the-counter cold medicine. Let's make some amendments.

#1 - Detroit Tigers

P - Richard Northstar

I am going to stay strong with this prediction for now, half because I think it's more realistic than others say it is, and half because I want to create some mystery for draft day. Many have brought to light Richard Northstar's infamy regarding comments defending a banned user, but I've always seen the Tigers as a pragmatic team not too deterred by main Discord drama. Nothing is more pragmatic than choosing the most talented pitcher in the draft with an upside in Discord activity. I still believe that for this veteran-fueled team, that's Northstar.

#2 - Chicago White Sox

P - Obama But White

My biggest mistake in my first mock draft, in my opinion, was overrating Nori Aru and underrating Obama But White. I think But White is valued higher than the former. I think the White Sox will look to build a clubhouse on new faces with their draft picks, and Obama But White is the hottest new face in the draft class thus far.

#3 - San Francisco Giants

P - Kuuma Kivi

The Giants are another team that I think will go for pitcher first, and also for a player who is new to the league in order to help their clubhouse revival project. Mark Spoon would likely be a well-known choice in this place, but I am going to posit Kuuma Kivi as a dark horse for a high draft pick. They have had a respectable start to their college career, and superior activity to Spoon thus far. The Giants could also go for a non-pitcher in this place, depending on where they are in their free agent talks, but for now I figure the Giants would need to take at least one P off the board in the first round.

#4 - Seattle Mariners

C/3B - Noah Clemens

I like this match a lot, and I see no reason to change it, especially in the span of one day. The Mariners need a catcher, and Clemens is the best on the draft list. This is probably one of the safer choices in the draft thus far.

#5 - Philadelphia Phillies

P - Nori Aru

The Phillies traded up, most likely to find a solid replacement for the recently retired Oliver Yu. I don't see them as being a team afraid of drafting veterans, so I will toss out Nori Aru, who is likely to get taken in the first round. Aru has decent pitching stats in his storied history, and looks to be a weeb, which is perfect for Philadelphia, who is filled with AYAYA Claps. Aru is an established personality as well, which would mean well for the already strong Philadelphia clubhouse. I like this pick, so I will go with it for now.

#6 - Tampa Bay Rays

SS/3B - Perry Platypus

I will keep Platypus, college's best hitter so far, in this space. I think Platypus satisfies Tampa Bay's weaknesses the most, and is a great offensive power thus far, which should help them out a lot. 

#7 - Atlanta Braves

P - Mark Spoon

Mark Spoon has fallen to this spot again, so I will go ahead and repeat my expectation that he will be signed here. The Braves need pitchers, and since I predict this to be a pitcher-heavy first round, this should be a priority for them. Spoon is one of the top performing pitchers in college thus far, so this looks like a good decision.

#8 - San Francisco Giants

1B/RF Dick Sledge

The Giants are one of those teams that could benefit from anything, so they will be going for the best player remaining on the board regardless of position here. Since I had them take their pitcher already, I believe the most desirable player available thus far is Dick Sledge on activity alone. For a team rebuilding a clubhouse, that would work tremendously for them, and he can fill in as perhaps their primary right fielder in a barren position. 

#9 - Philadelphia Phillies

SS/2B Roidy Magoo

I'm going to go out of the box and say that the Phillies WON'T pick a pitcher here. Instead, I believe they will recoup the loss of Jocko Jones with a more-active shortstop and second baseman, Roidy Magoo, who I overlooked on my first draft for not even being on the main Discord. Magoo's 1000+ college baseball messages paint an undeniable picture of activity, however, and the prospect has been spotted in the Phillies Draft Discord server. I mean, so has everyone else, but I see this as a good pick for this club. 

#10 - Los Angeles Angels

P - Arm N. Hammer

I still rank Arm N. Hammer as a high-reward veteran, and his early college stats are among the best so far. The Angels still need a pitcher, so I see them coveting whoever may fall to them of the strong pitching prospects out there.

#11 - Toronto Blue Jays

C/3B - Guthlac son of Romund

I feel as weirdly confident of this one as I was their first pick in the previous draft. This one just seems right to me, both strategically and emotionally. 😊😳 Maybe Mylo and I are just on that wavelength.

#12 - Milwaukee Brewers

3B/2B - Tencer Sporkelson

I will stick with this pick as well. I think it is a masterful choice at this point in the draft, and that the player fits the Brewers well. 

#13 - Cleveland Guardians

LF/3B - Anthony Bilanti

Bilanti has fallen quite a bit in this mock, mainly due to more intriguing prospects coming to light for me, as well as a need for outfielders being less widely visible in the initial pool of teams over more pressing acquisitions. I did express that the Guardians needed an outfielder, however, and third base is also something they do not have much depth in, so I will draw Bilanti here.

#14 - Chicago Cubs

P - Reimer Gonzalez

With only two pitchers on their roster, I think the Cubs might go into the draft looking for a third; that, or an outfielder. With their first pick of two in the first round, I see pitcher as being their most pressing acquisition. Reimer Gonzalez is a respected name in fake baseball, so this could prove to be a masterful move this late in the draft, but still very possible given the lean I perceive towards newer players.

#15 - Cincinnati Reds

CF/LF - Randy Scrub

Left field is perhaps Cincinnati's most pressed position, and I like Scrub a lot as a hopeful in the mid-first round. I think this partnership would work well for the Reds, who will maybe see themselves at the edge of the first round pitcher hype with a player worth more than what their position in the draft may normally heed.

#16 - Chicago Cubs

CF/LF - Large Attractive

I mentioned that the Cubs would maybe search for an outfielder with their second pick, and I believe Attractive is the most attractive outfielder left on the board at this time. He boasts more in terms of activity than on-field prowess thus far, but I think activity is heavily favored anyhow.

#17 - Miami Marlins

P - Mazy Loron

The Marlins will be looking to replace Whitt Bass, who left the rotation for a position player status, and Artanis Jones, who hit free agency. And hey, this Loron guy looks familiar... perhaps this will be a case of one ancient OOTC member for another. The college stats certainly aren't bad thus far.

#18 - New York Yankees

1B/ 3B Theo Rodder

The Yankees need absolutely nothing, which didn't stop them for trading for this #18 pick. Perhaps a first baseman is most in their future with this pick, and Theo Rodder has fallen pretty far on my metrics here. I have lost a little faith in his ability to be active, but at this spot it would be a good call for the Yankees.

#19 - Minnesota Twins

P - Herb Sessions

The Twins are another team that seem well equipped with position players. Pitchers are a less-ample story. Herb Sessions has come forward in the last 24 hours to perhaps be an intriguing pick in the mid-to-late first round. The college stats are not half bad, and a Discord Nitro subscription means they'll always be available on the platform, even if the activity hasn't blossomed yet.

#20 - San Diego Padres

P - Dirk Diglett

The Paper Cup champion Padres will be looking to repeat for the first time in league history since the Phillies in seasons 1 and 2, and trading up has shown they mean business. The well-rounded Padres will need help in their rotation, and Diglett could be a steal here, pitching three within an earned run in college thus far.

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