When the Order Keeps A-changin' : Jay's Final Season 5 Mock Draft


This is my last one until the draft. I am sitting on some new intel and on a new draft order, and I want to make sure I have more confident picks than unconfident, so let's get picking.

#1 - Pittsburgh Pirates

P Alex Curvingsonworth

No contrarian picks today. I have a streak to uphold. Alex Curvingsonworth goes first. There is absolutely zero chance that the Pirates change their pick last minute to another extremely active player simply to spite me and break my streak of successive successful first overall pick predictions. No way that the Pirates, who were my biggest rivals when I was a GM in Philly, would ever do anything to smash my heart into pieces like that. Curvingsonworth is definitely, 100% the first overall pick. Nothing else has a CHANCE of happening. I might as well take my trophy now.

#2 - Toronto Blue Jays

LF/1B Doc Crudelly

Crudelly fits too well into Toronto. The LF and 1B classifications both suit them exceptionally well, and he is active enough to help them a lot. I have had this pick on lock for a long time and I will keep it.

#3 - Texas Rangers

P dick richards

The Rangers have propelled themselves into the third overall pick, and I believe it is in hopes of gobbling up one of the elite and active pitchers in the draft. richards will probably be this pick. He himself predicted such, 

#4 - Montreal Expos

2B/1B Streetlamp LeMoose

Possibly my craziest deviation from previous mocks, I will be the first to admit that I've completely overlooked Streetlamp LeMoose, who has since shown himself to be an observant, active, and likable player who fills what I believe to be the shallowest of the positions in this draft class. The Expos will probably be searching for a second baseman that is well-active, and LeMoose may be the one who fulfills this. Plus his college stats are baller.

#5 - Colorado Rockies

3B/LF Gang Weed

With the team's roster largely unfilled, I return to the promised pick: Gang Weed to the Rockies. Weed suddenly fills two very shallow positions for the Rockies, places on their roster they will be searching dutifully to fill, and Weed has already established himself as a talent in activity and hitting.

#6 - Houston Colt .45s

SS/2B Patty Ice

LeMoose is not the only second baseman to rise to activity in the recent days. Patty Ice has blazed onto the scene with decent activity and 10 PAs in college baseball, more than most. It is gems like these that teams like Houston will probably be comfortable nabbing, players who have shown themselves dedicated to making themselves known, and who fill those shallow positions. This may be a crazy pick, but I'll throw Ice here.

#7 - New York Yankees

CF/LF Guido Ligiorno

New York desperately needs a center fielder, and Guido is a sure top 10 pick in my opinion. Plus, New York has a huge Italian American population that will love a player with a name like his. This is a great match.

#8 - New York Mets

SS/3B Tommy Tightpants

I am very confident in this pick. I don't think Tightpants will be drafted ahead of the Mets, and I don't think they will draft anyone else if Tightpants falls to their spot. They seem to get along well, so I will keep this pick.

#9 - Los Angeles Angels

P Brusdar Gatorade

As I began to rank Brusdar higher and further out of the Angels' reach, they traded up. Interesting. The Angels will likely look for a pitcher first, and Gatorade only raises and raises his stock. He is easily a top ten pitching prospect and I believe the Angels are gunning for him.

#10 - Seattle Mariners

P Cy Hadd Jr.

An insider source had recently reported to me that the Mariners will be looking for a pitcher with their first pick. GM Cal Lidous and Cy Hadd Jr. are in good terms with one another, and Hadd has pitched pretty well so far in his exhibition game, so this is definitely a possibility.

#11 - Oakland Athletics

1B/3B/C Dart Ragusa

I actually got intel this time to back up this pick that has stayed with Oakland through all my mock drafts. I'm gonna keep it going. Oakland is trying to solidify a Ragusa pick.

#12 - Atlanta Braves

CF/LF Zachary Hommes

Throughout my most recent mock draft, I highlighted Atlanta's need and likely hunt for outfielders in the draft. Hommes has somehow found his way to #12 in my list, so he would be a fantastic pick for Atlanta here to start a retool of that outfield.

#13 - Milwaukee Brewers

SS/3B Cali Guerensk

I hold as probably one of my more controversial takes that Cali has a danger of slipping to a place far below their value as a player because of circumstance and positioning. The Brewers, however, need absolutely everything. This has to be the WORST case scenario for Cali, as I believe Milwaukee would snatch them up in a heartbeat.

#14 - St. Louis Cardinals

C/3B Zack Mouse

I have highlighted over all my mocks that the Cardinals could use a pitcher, but they don't have a single catcher on their roster. Zack Mouse is a guy who I haven't paid due attention to, and I think he is one of the best catchers in the draft, so I will go ahead and stick him here where he will be direly valued.

#15 - Cincinnati Reds

P Bud Tuggli

The Reds have lost a few pitchers recently, so I believe they could take a flier on one of the most active and well-respected guys in fake baseball history. Bud Tuggli, previously Garren Smudge, is trying his hand at pitching, and has put on a decent show in his exhibition, so the Reds could find good help here.

#16 - Detroit Tigers

P Brian Taylor

The Tigers are probably going to pick a pitcher in case someone crazy falls here. I liked Taylor here before, and since his appearance on my show I will only fortify that he is worth a first round pick easily.

#17 - Minnesota Twins

P Alexander Hamilton II

The middle of the first round seems to be preoccupied by a lot of teams that need pitchers, which may be awful for position players. It's good for pitchers, however, especially Alexander Hamilton II who has seen himself slept on by many of the mocks. I may be sleeping on him here, but the Twins could definitely use an active arm like him.

#18 - Chicago White Sox

P Etsuko Rine

Apparently this is very likely, and I am here for it. These two fit together pretty well to me for some reason. I still believe that the White Sox could hold off and nab this person in the second round, but I guess they aren't taking any chances.

#19 - Miami Marlins

CF/RF Nicholas Fouss

I'm sorry for dropping you so far, Nicholas. :( It would be hard for Miami to pass up egg boy, and with their relatively decent position coverage they should go for the most active remaining. Considering Fouss was my #9 last mock, I would consider him pretty active, and he came on my show with means he is dedicated to the league.

#20 - Cincinnati Reds

C/1B Pork Torkleton

Torkleton is apparently coveted by a lot of GMs according to my mans Guido, so when I come across a team like the Reds that could use first base help, this feels like a great choice. Torkleton has been active to an extent, to the point where a late-first round pick is deserved.

Rest of the Round:

#21 - Seattle Mariners - 2B/RF Dermot Mulveiny

#22 - Miami Marlins - P Hunter Scott

#23 - Colorado Rockies - RF/CF Monica Clinton 

#24 - Baltimore Orioles - 3B/LF Hannibal Bligh

#25 - Tampa Bay Rays - CF/LF Haloick Oasis

#26 - San Francisco Giants - LF/RF Kirby Birch

#27 - Boston Red Sox - RF/1B Truck Month

#28 - Tampa Bay Rays - RF/1B Late Train Dave Vein

#29 - Kansas City Royals - 1B/3B Henryk Szydlowski

#30 - Houston Colt .45s - 2B/1B All Starlin

#31 - Atlanta Braves - CF/LF Leroy Hawk

#32 - Cleveland Indians - SS/3B Hero Brine

#33 - Baltimore Orioles - P Thomas Nova

#34 - Philadelphia Phillies - P Tabasco Greensauce

#35 - Atlanta Braves - 1B/3B Drax Frost

#36 - Arizona Diamondbacks - CF/RF Chase Hillinger

#69 - Arizona Diamondbacks - CF/LF Apple Watch

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